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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Proofreading Services

I first wish to thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I know your time is valuable and am honored to get a moment of it.

Please take a few moments and review the information here. If you have a question, I’m more than happy to answer it for you. I can be reached at

ü  Master’s degree in English
ü  Previously have proofread and edited several text books
ü  Previously have proofread a large number of dissertations
ü  Previously have proofread theses and several essays

What I can Do For You

My job for you includes the following services:

ü  I check for spelling errors
ü  I check for typographical errors
ü  I check for grammar errors
ü  I check for punctuation errors

My job does NOT include:
ü  Spacing
ü  Paragraph indentions
ü  Any type of formatting
ü  Editing

Pricing, Terms, & Completion Time

Acceptable Items:
ü  Books
ü  Short Stories
ü  Textbooks and manuals
ü  Theses, dissertations, term papers, & essays
ü  Magazine articles and website copy
If your request is not listed above, please email and we can discuss it:

Pricing Details & Terms:
ü  Pricing is based on formatting one way only:
o   12 pt Times New Roman Font
o   Word document
ü  After emailing (See “I Want To Submit My Work”) I will confirm number of pages with you.
ü  Half is due at the start of the project. Balance is due when I email confirming completion. Final document will be sent after final payment is received.
ü  All payments are via PayPal.

Completion Time:
ü  When I receive your initial email, I will inform you of number of projects ahead of yours and approximate start date on your project.
ü  Your placement “in line” is held as soon as initial deposit is received.
ü  I will again email you the day I begin your project (I will always keep you in the loop). Projects will average 1 to 7 day turnaround time. If yours may take longer, I will inform you during initial email.

Many proofreaders charge up to $2.75/page. My introductory offer is for $1 a page. (I wish to gain testimonials in the areas I have added. Additionally, I wish to include online business testimonials, not just local and word of mouth. It’s time to expand.)

Please check back often as price is subject to change. If you are already on my list, your pricing does not change.

I Want To Submit My Work

Submission Guidelines:
ü  All documents must be formatted as –
o   12 pt Times New Roman Font
o   Word document
ü  Please email: with the following details in the email body –
o   Your name
o   What type of item are you requesting to have proofread?
o   Title
o   Genre
o   Number of Pages
o   Deadline for return to you
ü  I will get back to you with details of if there is a wait as well as an approximate “no later than” completion date. If we agree, you will then send your document(s).
ü  I will then confirm page number and reply with initial due (half up front). Once paid you will be added to my waiting list (if there is one – if not, your project is immediately started).

For more details please see: “Pricing, Terms, & Completion Time”



Please bear with me as I get these put together. I am in the process of contacting former and current clients to get their statements. Over the years, I hadn't considered doing business online.